First steps

Remember your contact e-mail is supportprime@easyvirtualfair.com and we recommend all communications include your event name on the subject.

1. In a timeframe of 12hr after purchase you will receive an email with all the information we need from you to build the event, such as:

          -Title of the event, logo, corporate colors...

          -Registration fields for attendees, language, type of event,...

          -url, 3D entrance from our catalogue,..

2. Once we receive all this information, and after a maximum of 72hr you will receive 2 different URLs:

          a. EVENT link. The one to be promoted.

          b. CRM link where you can set up the event and booths can be customized.

You will also receive login details to the CRM URL and EVENT URL for all your booths.

3. Here at academy.easyvirtualfair.com you'll find all the info you need to run your event. 

          -Complete information about how the software works.

          -How to set up the Info booth, agenda, webinars, show and hide all other booths

          -How to use the chat feature to communicate with attendees 

          -How to get your leads...

You will also have specific help videos in the CRM under each section.

4. Once a week there will be an onboarding training in case you need further info or you can always e-mail us. 

5. The fair will be live as soon as we share the URLs with you, but if you want to open and close the event it’s important:

          a. To close the event, we will need to know at least 24hr beforehand. The EVENT link will show a welcome message            and info about when the event will be open again

          b. To open the event again we will need to know 1 week beforehand. We will show again the event live at the exact time that you requested.

A guide to our

This guide will show you or your clients how to upload all the content needed for your booth to look awesome!



Here you'll find everything you need to run a virtual event like a pro

More guides

Our entrances of choice

How to get your leads

How to use the chat&video  features

Info at booths

Set up the Info booth

Guide for visitors



Or leave us your contact info and we will get back to you asap